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'Vanellope's Kart is Vanellope Von Schweetz's racing kart. This kart was made to replace  handmade kart The Likitty Split, because all of the other Sugar Rush racers (Except the recolours) destroyed the it to stop Vanellope from racing- to obey King Candy's rule of no glitching racers allowed. Vanellope's kart was made in the Sugar Rush kingdom Kart Bakery, like the other racers' karts. It is the same kart model as Crumbelina DiCaramello's own kart, but is different in colr scheme and wheels.

The break of Candy Kart

Before Vanellope was about to go to the roster race, she insisted that Ralph "hold on a second" and went to fetch an oobject from her volacano hideout. While Ralph is waiting for her to return, King Candy approaches him and tells Ralph that if Vanellope joined and won the race, she would become a playable character and scare players away with her glitching- which would make the game look broken. If this happened, the entire console would be unplugged, and Vanellope, being a glitch would be unble to escape with the others and would be trapped in the game, which would get her erased as the game was unpugged. King Candy tell Ralph that if Vanellope is prevented from racing this can all be avoided, and Ralph feels so convinced he destroys the kart, against Vanellope's wishes. Vanellope, incredibly distraught, runs back to her hideaway and Ralph, feeling guilty for giving Vanellope baseless hope, leaves Sugar Rush and returns to Fix-It-Felix-Jr.

The kart is later repaired by Ralph, with the help of Fix-It-Felix, and returned to Vanellope by an apologetic Ralph. 



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