"Yeah, those were jokes!"

Rancis Fluggerbutter is a character from the game Sugar Rush. On the online adaptation of Sugar Rush, both he and Adorabeezle Winterpop are unlocked by completing the third track Frosty Rally. His theme is Reese's peanut butter cups and his signature kart is the Kit Kart. He is voiced by Jamie Elman.


Rancis is a young blonde boy with a brown vest, an orange shirt with two yellow stripes on it, a Reese's hat, brown pants, and shoes which have a chocolate syrup rim. He has pale freckled skin and bright blue eyes. His hair is styled into an upward cowlick.

Official Biography

Rancis Fluggerbutter: Love Thy Self

"This blazer-wearing boy wonder likes looking in the mirror almost as much as he likes racing. Rancis Fluggerbutter may look like a party on the outside, but he’s all business on the inside. He has bright eyes and even brighter ideas, which are reflected in his smooth racing techniques."


During the movie, Rancis works closely with Taffyta Muttonfudge and Candlehead. He is implied to be egotistical as shown by his official bio and a scene in which he can be seen checking his reflection in the mirror of his kart.

In One Sweet Race, Rancis is described as tiring of being overshadowed by Taffyta in races and being made fun of by the other racers. When he is determined, Rancis takes drastic measures to get what he wants accomplished. He went as far as selling all of his possessions to invest in a high-quality kart to ensure the winning of a Sugar Rush Cup.

Relationships and friends

Taffyta Muttonfudge: Rancis is one of Taffyta's best friends, and seems to do whatever she tells him to do. Taffyta used to love to bully Vanellope, but by the looks of it, Taffyta made Rancis and Candlehead bully Vanellope, even known how friendly Taffyta and Rancis are, Taffyta seems to be quite boastful about her racing skills to Rancis.

Candlehead: Rancis is also one of Candlehead's best friends.

Vanellope Von Schweetz: Rancis used to bully Vanellope, but Taffyta only told him to.


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