Sticky Wipplesnit
Sticky Wipplesnit
 is a character within the game Sugar Rush. She is a palette swap of Minty Zaki and only appears for a few scenes, being absent on the online adaption of Sugar Rush. Her name is seen in the scoreboard after Vanellope pays her fee to the race. Her theme seems based on salt water taffy. Her signature kart is the Taffy Turner.


Sticky has light skin, brown eyes and teal hair topped with a turquoise candy-wrapper bow which has a brown stripe on it like both her skirt. Instead of brown stripes on her leggings, they are instead a darker hue of turquoise. She wears a cream top with a yellow stripe on it under a turquoise jacket with a turquoise candy-wrapper skirt and pink and turquoise leggings with black shoes.

Gallery/Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Finnish Minttaa Purukumää From "minttu" (mint) and "purukumi" (chewing gum)
Russian Водичка Карамелий

From "Водe" (water) and "kарамель" (caramel)

Brazilian Portuguese Hortelãzinha From "Hortelã" (spearmint) in diminutive and female form

スティッキー ウィプルスニット

Sutikkī u~ipurusunitto

From English name


  • Some fans renamed Sticky for, Creamberley Shakespun.
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