Hiya guys! Thanks for all your awesome edits! :)

But,I have noticed a slight problem with this Wiki.People seem to be fussing over the way the Fanon shipping pages are displayed.I have seen many people taking the pages WAY too seriously.I want to say this as nicely as I can Please don't worry about it! Fanon shipping is not something to take seriously on this Wiki.As,it is based around canon,the Fanon shipping pages are just there for fans enjoyment,nothing more.I have noticed some very (How can I put this?) I don't know,weird comments on articles.I don't wanna sound a total grumpy-grump here,but that has to stop,too.As,again,it is being tooken too seriously.

I also spotted this not-needed information shoved into the Vanillatastic page's trivia:

  • If you get angry over this pairing then you're silly because it's just for fun and neither of these characters are real.

This is not acceptable and kind-of rude & unfair on the people,who may not really like the pairing.And this may make them even more cross & we don't need any drama on this Wiki,please.Stuff like this is not acceptable,not at all.

And also,a certain User said something rude in an article's comments,again this is not fair on the page and once again,it was a Fanon-shipping article.

Also: Guys,always make sure to ask an Admin or the FOUNDER (Me) if it's all right for a page to be displayed.From now on all the pages,which weren't made by an Admin,will be put under Admin watch This means,there will be a small notice on the page.So,an Admin can check,it every now and again to see if it's being looked after well.Sorry for the mini rant guys!

Thank you for reading! & always remember to stay sweet!