Vanellope and Rancis AKA Ranellope or Vanilla Butter is a fan-made couple, made by Sugar Rush fans.

About the couple

Even though Rancis used to bully Vanellope because he believed she was a 'glitch', Sugar Rush fans still seem to think this couple is a sucess.

It gained more popularity due to the book 'One Sweet Race', which showed the two of them interacting in a friendly way, proving that Rancis does not harbor any ill feelings for Vanellope and vice versa.

Though it is hinted that Rancis cares more about Racing than he does about Vanellope.


  • Out of all the Sugar Rush ships, it seems that Vanilla Butter may be the most popular. This might be because of the book One Sweet Race. Vanilla Butter has a huge following in the fandom and is loved by many people.
  • Another name that's more commonly used for Rancis/Vanellope is "Vanilla Butter".


Vanellope and Rancis- that what makes you beautiful

Vanellope and Rancis- that what makes you beautiful

Fan made video of Vanellope and Rancis shipping