Vanellope and Swizzle, also known by the names Vanilla Spice, Vanilla Swirl, Vanilla Twist, and Vanilla Malarkey (there's a bit of controversy right now over the name) is a couple made by Sugar Rush fans.

About the couple 

'Vanilla Swirl' is so far not a very popular pairing in the fandom, but the few shippers it has keep it going. Some see it as a mutual relationship (sort of along the lines of the Vanilla Butter/Ranellope pairing), but others see it as a one-sided romance from Swizzle's point of view, or even just a bromance. Regardless, fans view it as a sweet pairing that deserves more popularity than it has.


  • This couple is considered one of the more unpopular pairings in the Sugar Rush fandom, but it still has its fair share of fanart and fanfiction. Some fanfictions are The Glitch and the Swizz.
  • Vanilla Swirl can be seen as the 'main ship' for some of the Swizzle ask blogs on Tumblr, such as The Spice of Sugar Rush . For this example it's the one-sided version of the pairing for the most part.
  • Swizzle is also paired with Minty Zaki and Sticky Wipplesnit, among some of the other racers
  • There is as far as someone has seen only One vanellope blog that ships these two and that is hipsterRacer She takes a dark turn on the clasic Vanellope and makes VanillaSwirl now HipsterSwirl as her Swizzie has now called the ship.